"When customer service and safety is paramount
you need a product that will deliver"

As sole distributor for Supertracker in Scotland you know that your new wheel alignment product will be the very best.

We offer a wide array of products suited to your business that can offer a significant improvement to both your service and profitability.

Please find a selection of our main products listed below with full specifications. If you do not find what you are looking for please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Laser Wheel Alignment


The STRILCHC24 is one of the most popular aligners on the market with no back or run our required. Features include no cables on the heads, 'as driven' readings and positive gravity wheel hangers.


Features of the STRILCTR24 include: No cables on the heads, positive gravity wheel hangers, 'as driven' readings, Wheel hangers & measuring heads factory calibrated as a unit.

Truck Aligners


The STR1500 offers many advantages including allowing easy access to trackrod ends, eliminating rolling the vehicle to and fro and can be used on 4 post lifts, pits or floors.


The STRT4 allows easy access to trackrod ends, eliminates rolling the vehicle to and fro, can be used on 4 post lifts, pits or floors and fits from 17" to 24" wheels.

Computer Wheel Aligners


In conjunction with the tried and tested Supertracker W.A.S.P wheel hangers, the new eight Sensor measuring system using CCD technology. Designed using the latest static type of transducers and inclinometers. This alignment system gives greater durability in the harsh working environment.

STR 130 RW

The Supertracker STR130RW 6 sensor computerised aligner will enable you to meet customer demands with great value, ensuring a quick return on your investment.